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11 Amazingly Simple Ways to Clear Up Your Face

Confession: I’ve struggled for the last 20 years with skin that breaks out, in an epic way, if the wind blows the wrong way. I’ve learned a ton about all of the different possible ways to cause myself a huge breakout. Here are simple and effective ways to clear up your face beyond the usual advice!

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5 Ways To Make Self Care A Priority

Seems like this should be common sense, no? Not so much. Far too many of use are overcome by life. . . work, family, friends, obligations. . . that we go and go until we collapse. The term ‘self care’ may be overused these days as just another buzz word, but, at it’s core definition, self care means to pay attention to oneself. Many ways exist to do so, however, if self care is not a priority, it easily gets overlooked or brushed aside in our busy lives.

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