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16 Sure-Fire Ways to Stop Fighting About Money

The most effective way to stop fighting about money is to increase communication and have clear expectations for each other. Communication is key, especially when we’re talking about something that can be so emotionally charged. Some of these tips may seem a little uncomfortable at first but isn’t it worth it to have a happy, harmonious marriage? I think so.

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5 Ways To Stop Being A Bitchy Wife

Women, I think movies have ruined us. They have warped our sense of reality and realistic expectation. Every rom-com out there is chock full of grand gestures, romantic fluff and men that act more like girls. Most of the men in recent films aimed at women are gushing with emotions and are often show husbands or boyfriends that anticipate their woman’s every need. When this expectation clashes with reality, we often get bitchy, naggy or punitive without even realizing it. If your hubby has been a bit distant lately or seems a little less loving than he used to be, you might need to stop being a bitchy wife.

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