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The Most Amazing Post-Workout Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

The Most Amazing Non-Green Post-Workout Chocolate Smoothie Recipe Ever   I work out hard. I don’t love it but figure that if I’m going to do it, I might as well maximize my results. There are many days that I don’t eat properly before doing so and the result is a faint, shaky body. My favorite way to come back from that quickly is one of my favorite smoothies. I love smoothies, seriously… except for the green ones. I find the taste and texture of green smoothies to be extremely unpalatable. Green smoothies are the trendy thing now, but I...

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10 Ways to Lose the Fear & Let Your Kid Be A Kid

  10 Ways to Lose the Fear & Let Your Kid be a Kid We hear so many horrible things about the misfortunes that could befall a child. Abduction, violence, molestation, animal attacks, bullies, falling in front of a lawnmower, heart exploding on the soccer field, etc… the list is never-ending. As parents, it is all too easy to internalize these terrible things that could happen and then when your kid asks to go play outside you tackle her and lock her in her room where it’s safe. Unless you want to turn your child into a totally neurotic mess of...

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