Hi, I’m Jenn and I’m stoked you’re here!

If you’re looking for simple ways to get everyday things done so you can spend more time focusing on your self-development and what really matters in life, you’ve come to the right place. I help other ambitious women live their best lives through simplification and self-development.

My mission in life, and blogging, is to provide you with everything you never knew you needed to know in order to thrive. I’ll get it all to you in a no-nonsense, no fluff fashion . . . because I’m slightly obsessed with optimization, and you’ve got things to do!

Join me in pursuit of better attitudes, more gratitude, financial independence, added fun, greater health & perhaps even a bit of tranquility along the way.

Remember: better is a journey, not a destination.

I want to hear about your goals and what you are working on improving in your life. Reach out and say hey!


Wanna Get Personal?


jenn-at-the-art-of-better-blogging-headshot-sm-optimizedI’ve lived in Atlanta, Georgia since early 2012, originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania [about an hour north of Philly].

We have an interesting family. My guy and I have been together for fourteen years and we take care of my thirteen-year-old cousin. I’m her mom-stand-in and legal guardian. She’s been with us for about three years now and the plan is to have her here permanently.

We have four [yes, four] dogs and they truly are our fur-babies. Dice, Karlton, Elwood and Floyd. I am sure you will hear all about our pups including photos and details on their mutt-iness.

Pinterest is my drug of choice. You can find me there at all random times of the day/night. I pin anything I like or find helpful; blogging tips, great quotes, awesome recipes, fabulous shoes, fitness tips, etc… Check it out here: http://pinterest.com/theartofbetter