Most men have pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that Valentine’s Day is strictly about pampering their wives or girlfriends with affection and romantic gestures. It’s time to change that.

Women- we need to do better. This Valentine’s Day, I want you to go to the nines for your guy in a way that HE will appreciate instead of some misguided attempt to be romantic in a way that you’d appreciate.

Guys are simple. Well, most guys’ needs are pretty simple. Food, sex, and adoration/respect are the three things that every man needs and craves from his woman.

Instead of doing for him the same kinds of things you’d like done for you, reevaluate. Most women, not all of course, like romantic, sappy, traditional things for Valentine’s day. We like flowers and chocolate and a fancy dinner and a massage gift certificate. Or, we want to sleep in and have our house cleaned while we do so. ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ

However, those things aren’t necessarily what your hubby wants! Put yourself in his shoes before deciding what to do for your guy on Valentine’s Day.

Remember the three categories of what he needs from the woman in his life: food, sex, and adoration. This is how you blow his mind: pick at least 1 idea from each of the 3 areas below and put them all into play on the same day.


Valentine's Day isn't just for the wives & girlfriends of the world! Use this opportunity to take care of your husband or boyfriend as well and rock his world!



Get up early and make him breakfast and coffee. If you can, do something playful, but understated, to give it a little Valentine’s flair like a few little hearts on the edge of the plate in strawberry or chocolate syrup.

Deliver his favorite lunch to his office or meet him on his lunch break so the two of you can go out together. Show up looking spectacular and give him something to ponder for the rest of the day, if you know what I mean. He’ll also like to brag to his co-workers about you when you’re gone.

If you’re a decent cook, make his absolute favorite thing for dinner. You know the dish I’m talking about… that one you HATE to make because it’s a total pain in the ass or it reminds you of his mother, or you just don’t like it. Yep, that one. Surprise him with it and do it cheerfully.

Bake him his favorite treat for desert, again, something that you don’t often make due to any of the aforementioned reasons. Bonus points for something sexy…



This category is super easy and fun because… sex.

Wake him up with his favorite kind of sex. Come on, you know what that is.

Make sure he gets in the shower a few minutes early and join him. *wink*

If you were able to send the kid(s) to spend the night with grandparents, an aunt & uncle, friends, etc… that’s an important step… meet him at the door naked when he comes home from work. If not, send them to bed early so you can focus on just loving him up.

After dinner, don’t waste time on TV. Pull out all the stops, slip into a new or seldom worn piece of lingerie and just go for it. Your hubby will love that you’re taking charge and doing something special just for him.



Leave a mushy and/or scandalous Valentine’s Day card on his car seat that he’ll find before he leaves for work.

Text him the X number of reasons you’re so proud to be his wife throughout the day.

Call him around lunch and tell him all about the special evening you’ve got planned.

Text him hints throughout the day of what you’re going to do with/to him when he gets home (if you get my drift).

Email him your favorite wedding day photo and remind him why you married him.

Take him out to do an activity he’s wanted to try or something HE loves to do. Think fishing, gun range, helicopter tour, indoor skydiving, etc. Do it happily with him and turn on the extra affection while you’re out together.

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Don’t forget about your guy this year!

It’s a shame that Valentine’s Day has become an event that demands the woman in the relationship be pampered. Instead, we should treat it like a special day to go all out for each other. Going above and beyond will have a long-lasting positive effect on your relationship for months to come.

What do you do for your guy on Valentine’s Day?