Money comes to me from all kinds of random interesting sources all the time. This fact amazes my friends and family to no end. Earlier this week, an employer that I left a year and a half ago called me to say they had an uncashed check sitting there for me.

Uuuhhh… Yes, please!

Sometimes I get PayPal deposits that are unexpected refunds, or I get outstanding balance checks in the mail.

How does this happen?

Beyond a deep and profound gratitude in receiving, I’m consistent in my powerful money affirmations. I’ve used them daily over the last 9 years, along with the power of attraction, to just stumble upon financial abundance.

Yes, fantastic finances may originate from advantageous professional situations and careers, but it also comes from all corners of the universe when I least expect it.

You see, affirmations are a bit of a shortcut to manifestation. They allow you to center your thoughts and emotions right into the context of what you desire.

The problem with most affirmations out there is that they’re way too long. I don’t want to memorize a paragraph to be able just to say it off the top of my head.

I like short affirmations because I can run through multiple ones while I’m brushing my teeth, between clients, while my coffee is brewing, etc., whenever I have a spare minute.


Powerful money affirmations are the secret to my ability to get checks and deposits randomly. Using short affirmations allows me to stay consistent!

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I’ll often write them in my planner throughout the day as well. The physical act of writing out my powerful money affirmations helps to make them more real.

If you’re not sure how to use affirmations or want to learn to use the law of attraction more powerfully, I’d recommend checking out The Law of Attraction in Action Series or the Wallace D. Wattles classic, The Science of Getting Rich.

The reason these short & powerful money affirmations work so well is that they are concise and specific. Too often, the meaning, emotion, and intent behind long-form style affirmation gets muddled.

So, if you’re ready to give it a try, here are my 15 favorite money attracting affirmations. Choose the ones that resonate with you and use them often.

➔ Money comes easily to me at all times

➔ Cash flows to me constantly

➔ Making money is easy

➔ My finances are perfect

➔ Money flows to me from sources known and unknown

➔ I can call in money anytime I want


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As we go through our busy days, it’s easy to forget to express thanks for all we have. We run from one chore to another, from one scheduled activity to the next, all while our thoughts are on autopilot. We neglect to express gratitude throughout the day and end up ruminating on the things that disappoint us. This is a recipe for disaster. All those negative emotions bubble up and percolate in our psyche where they multiply. Like begets like.


➔ Money comes to me easily and often

➔ I spend money wisely

➔ Money comes to me every day

➔ I’m a money magnet

➔ Money comes to me even when I sleep

➔ I can attract as much money as I want

➔ My wealth grows every single day

➔ Everyone wants to give me money

➔ The universe is conspiring to make me prosperous


Let me know in the comments: What are your favorite short money attracting affirmations?