When you’re seeking to further your skill set or knowledge in a particular area or on a specific topic, there are so many different ways to do so.

Read a book.

Take a course.

Find a talk.

Watch a show or video.

Bing search. (Yes, I use Bing. I’m not ashamed. Google just doesn’t flip my switches.)

So on and so forth.

Each of these modes of learning come with their own challenges, though.

If you’re reading a book, there’s no one to ask questions of. If you want to find a talk or seminar, you typically have to drive a ways to the venue.  As much as I love the internet (it’s how I make my living, after all), you can’t always trust everything you read off of some rando website.


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So, what do you do when you’re trying to learn about a new topic or grow your understanding in a particular area?

The best way right now is webinars, hands down.

UGH. I hate the word webinar. It sounds so… corporate. I like to call them free live online classes.


A live online class, a.k.a. webinar, solves nearly all the problems that other modes of learning present:

1. They’re typically live which means real interaction with the instructor or speaker. I love a good Q&A.

2. If you happen to not be able to make the live time, there’s usually a replay to watch at your leisure.

3. They’re free. Well, at least the ones I do are free. There are some paid webinars out there.

4. The information is presented at a quick pace and classes tend to run about an hour.

5. There can be a real sense of community when interacting with other attendees in the chat. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people this way.

6. It’s an easy way to get to know the presenter before signing up to work with her in a greater capacity.

7. Webinars are done online so there’s no need to drive anywhere or see anyone. This is ideal when your schedule is tight, you have mobility issues, or just don’t feel like a ton of face to face interaction.

8. There are live online classes out there for any topic under the sun!

When you're seeking to further your skill set or knowledge in a particular area or on a specific topic, there are so many different ways to do so.

Announcing The Art of Better Bi-Monthly Live Classes

I’ve decided to start doing a free live online class for my readers every other month. The topics will be related to the things I talk about here on The Art of Better:

◇ Family & Relationships

◇ Self-Care & Gratitude

◇ Wealth & Home

They will be totally free for my readers and, from time to time, I’ll pair up with another fabulous blogger to co-host.

I’d highly recommend hopping on the VIP list so I can notify you each time there’s a new live online class coming up:



Have you attended a live online class before? Do you have a topic you’d like me to cover? Let me know in the comments!