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Wouldn't It Be Nice to Have a Doctor in Your Back Pocket?


Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Have a Doctor in Your Back Pocket?


Well, I’ve found a way to achieve that, and I wanted to share it with you! First, the backstory. I woke up last week with an angry red lump on the underside of my upper arm. It got progressively larger over the next few days, and it hurt. I’ll keep the photos to myself, ’cause no one needs to see that! Anyway, I was freaking out a little bit. We’re from up north, Pennsylvania, to be exact, so I get pretty squeamish with all the crazy bugs down here in Georgia. They’re massive and scary, think prehistoric.

I also may be a little bit of a hypochondriac because I was convinced that it was going to continue to get worse, and they were going to have to cut my arm off or something. I hadn’t found a doctor yet in our new area, so I decided to look to technology to help. After all, it’s 2016… plus I hate the germ factories that are urgent-cares.

Woah. Guys. Seriously. This one is a game-changer. I downloaded the Doctor On Demand app, put in my info and had a doctor live face to face in a handful of minutes. The Doctor On Demand platform also lets you schedule an appointment in the future. In case you were curious, my angry red bump turned out to be a spider bite just like we thought. My Doctor On Demand doctor gave me some things to do to relieve the pain.

I love that a medical doctor’s video visit is $40 or less, plus, the service is covered by many health insurance providers. I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to be using this service a lot go forward, especially for the kiddo. Doctor On Demand is so much more convenient than calling her doctor, trying to squeeze her in for an appointment, probably taking her out of school early to get there in time, etc… Doctor On Demand is painless and so easy.


Wouldn't It Be Nice to Have a Doctor in Your Back Pocket?


They routinely diagnose and treat a variety of issues, including skin conditions (hello, spider bite!), acne, allergies, asthma, cold, flu and more. All of their medical doctors can write prescriptions as needed and send them to the pharmacy of your choice. Doctor On Demand also provides mental health services if needed.12621966_1123398531017945_2541477185654330157_o


Although I ended up using the iOS app on my phone for my visit, the Doctor On Demand website is full of answers to each and every question I had beforehand. They also provide some great information on their Facebook page and Twitter, so follow them there.

Because I love my readers, I’ve procured a “$10 off your first visit” coupon code for you! Use code BETTER10 to save ten bucks off your first visit and come back to let me know how it went!