We forgot about this for SEVEN MONTHS as first time new homeowners! Learn from our mistakes! The Art of Better

The One Simple Thing New Homeowners Forget About After Settling In


As you may or may not know, we purchased our first home about seven months ago. Prior to that we’d lived in rented apartments until we were sure we’d be sticking in one area for a while. After living in Atlanta for about a year, we rented a townhouse in an apartment complex because we needed more space for our family, now consisting of two adults, one kid and four dogs. The townhouse was great; we got two floors and plenty of space along with all the apartment amenities & built in maintenance staff.


While we continued learning about our new-ish city, we started figuring out where we wanted to set down some roots. Finally we found the area, the school district and the house, in that order.


So, here we are, never have we even rented a house before and have not a single idea of what the hell we are doing most of the time. I like to call our approach to home owning “figure it out as we go”! Thank God for You Tube. Seriously.


Anyway, the good news here is you get to learn from all our mistakes!


I don’t even know how we started talking about it, but one day, my guy and I were chatting about how awesome it was to have all the maintenance stuff taken care of for us before we bought a house. Our favorite maintenance guy, Steven, would even bring and install a new air filter for the HVAC every single time he came because he knew we were a full house.


We forgot about this for SEVEN MONTHS as first time new homeowners! Learn from our mistakes! The Art of BetterWait. . . what? Air filter? We hadn’t changed an air filter since we moved in seven months earlier.


It’s these things that keep popping up that us and a lot of other new homeowners forget about after finally getting settled into a first house.


Unless you’re just naturally handy or have done it before, you’re not likely to know how to change your home’s air filter[s]. Usually it’s one per thermostat that you have in your house.


Did you know that it’s recommended to change your air filter[s] once a month if you have pets or breathing issues like asthma? Or if you have several people or kids going in and out of your house often.


Lucky for us, being really so NOT-handy, we have YouTube. After watching several different videos and still being confused, we found this one that is fantastic!


There you have it, my fellow clueless new homeowners, change your air filters!


What’s one thing you forgot about after moving into your first home?


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