Simple and effective ways to clear up your face beyond the usual advice!

11 Amazingly Simple Ways to Clear Up Your Face


Confession: I’ve struggled for the last 20 years with skin that breaks out, in an epic way, if the wind blows the wrong direction. I’ve learned a ton about the different possible ways to cause myself a huge breakout but I never see simple reminders shared.


It seems like every article says the same things: wash your face, use a topical and change your diet. Well, ya, no kidding. Let’s talk about some amazingly simple ways to clear up your face.


1. Don’t lay your head down on the couch arm or sofa pillows. EVER. This is crucial especially if you have pets or kids.


2. Religiously change your pillowcase every 2-3 days. Same goes for your sheets or duvet cover if you sleep with them tucked against your face.


3. Keep your hair off your face as much as possible. Not only is it depositing natural oils onto your face, but also any hair products you’ve used.

Simple and effective ways to clear up your face beyond the usual advice!

4. If you wear a lot of scarves like I do, it’s important to remember to launder them every 2-3 wears. I like to snuggle down into mine when it’s cold so it’s imperative that it’s clean.


5. For the love of God, don’t touch your face! I don’t know about you, but this one is the toughest for me! Leaning, itching plus I’m kind of a picker so, yeah. Do not pick. Everyone breaks out sometime but resist the urge to pick or pop. Your face will heal faster & you will avoid infection and scarring.

6. Be conscious of the way you’re talking on your cell phone. Monitor the angle and don’t let the screen touch your face. Better yet- use earbuds.


7. While you’re at it, clean your wired earbuds. Depending on the style you use, the wires may be touching your face.


8. If your guy has facial hair, especially a beard or goatee, make sure he is scrubbing the hell out of it, at least daily, with shampoo. Guys can be gross and forget about it. Want a bunch of dirty, oily hair rubbing up against your face as you’re kissing? Me either. Suggest that he not put any oil or beard balm in it either.


9. Do you pat your face dry with a hand towel or wash cloth after washing? Change that sucker out often! Same goes with the towel you use after showering.


10. If you use makeup brushes for foundation, blush, bronzer, etc. . . you have got to clean those things after every use. Especially if you’re looking to clear up your face & break out easily, you can’t afford to use a dirty brush.


11. Last but definitely not least: minimize stress or find effective ways to cope. Meditation and exercise go a long way!


Do you struggle with breakouts? How do you clear up your face?