We’ve all seen the shows and read the stories about people buying hundreds of dollars in groceries for pennies on the dollar by extreme couponing. Wow, we think, if we could only kill our grocery budget our finances would be fantastic! The stories make it look so simple that anyone can start if they have some time to dedicate to it.


Nobody mentions the real danger with extreme couponing though; although these people are “saving” hundreds of dollars, they are eating and feeding their families a ton of crap.


The next time you see a picture of a huge grocery haul for only a few dollars paid, take a hard look at what’s in the cart: cookies, sodas, candy, boxed meals, frozen processed garbage, etc…


Sorry, not sorry, I’m not feeding my family a diet of pop tarts, hot pockets and soda just to save some cash. That’s often how families end up fat and sick. Unacceptable.

So true! The Real Danger In Extreme Couponing That Nobody Talks About - The Art of Better

Now, please don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a food snob. I love a good once-in-awhile indulgence of something tasty but terrible for me, but if you bring junk into your house, that’s what gets eaten.


If money is tight, we’ll save somewhere else, cut back on non-essential expenses. Food is an essential expense and quality food is a must for health and happiness.


Granted, my family does coupon. I’ll visit Coupons.com for printables before leaving to go shopping and go through the in-store coupons at Publix before starting. We do pretty well and end up saving about $20 a week for a few minutes work.


Often times, however, the coupons we end up using are for paper products, cleaning supplies or personal care items like shampoo. Most of the coupons out there are for junk food. It’s changing little by little and we’re starting to see some healthy food coupons once in awhile, but rarely.


How do you save on healthy, quality food without resorting to extreme couponing?

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