Where has this gift list been all my life!! I'm always scared of giving crappy presents. Don't settle for a generic, boring gift! These are presents that people will actually love!


25 Best Ever Gifts That Do Not Suck


I’ve literally spent the last year compiling the very best gifts out there that your recipient will actually be happy to get. Some of these items are things I’ve purchased in the past for myself or someone else and really loved, some items are things on my wish list.


I had a lot of trouble picking a title for this list. The runner-up titles were ‘Top 25 Gifts That People Won’t Hate” and “Presents People Will Actually Love”. All of the prices listed are current as of mid-November 2015.

Click the photo to learn more information about each item on Amazon. This post includes affiliate links which means if you make a purchase, I make a small percentage in commission from Amazon- which helps keep The Art of Better running. Let’s get to the list!


Genius Hi-Fi Wood Speakers  $59.99

I have these speakers hooked up to my iMac and I LOVE them! They look expensive and sound great. The sound these give is rich and can be fine-tuned to your liking using the TONE button on the front. They couldn’t be easier to set up- just plug them into your computer, laptop, iPad or anything else with a standard headphone jack, plug in the power cord and you’re good to go.


Lighted Mercury Glass Sphere, large $18.95

Perfect for the friend or family member that recently bought a house, just loves gorgeous decor or anyone who’s never lost their sense of wonder. There is also a beautiful set of three that I’ve had my eye on for the longest time and only runs $59.95. I like that they’re battery operated so they can be placed anywhere.



Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe Copper Kettle Fudge $20.99/lb

This fudge is out of this world. When you’re really stuck on what to get someone, get them something edible! This is the smoothest, creamiest, most delicious fudge I have ever tasted. Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe is a family owned company and they offer nine different flavors and varieties on Amazon.


Humans of New York: Stories $17.65

Not only a beautiful hardcover coffee table book, this is also a great way to introduce your friends or family to HONY [Humans of New York]. HONY actually originated as a Facebook page, where Brandon Stanton walks up to random people in New York and chats with them. He posts a photo of the person and often an excerpt of their conversation. He has an amazing knack to draw the most amazing humanity out of every person he speaks to. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes cute, Brandon shows that we are all connected.


The Perfect Clever/Funny/Offensive Mug $9 – $18



These are my two favorite mugs ever. The pixel heart one is heat sensitive. It starts as an empty heart and fills up from the bottom when a hot beverage is poured in. This is perfect for any Zelda fan or video game enthusiast.


The second mug is a no-brainer for any of your edgier friends or family- you know who they are! If you search “I’m not always a bitch” on Amazon, you come up with all kinds of fun goodies.


PurSteam Elite Portable Fabric Steamer $30.97

I freaking love this item because I have a strong aversion to ironing. Something about dragging the ironing board out and being uncoordinated just doesn’t sit well. I always end up putting random creases in my clothing. This steamer is perfect for anyone that travels too. It’s small enough to fit in a suitcase and super easy to use. No more ruining your the only pair of dress pants you packed because of some mystery substance on the crappy hotel iron.


Bella Cotton Candy Maker $74.73

This one solidifies your place as the cool Aunt/Uncle/Parent. Have you ever made cotton candy? It’s so much fun! A little messy but totally worth it. There are a ton of different flavored/colored floss refills available. Imagine the kid that pulls this out at a sleepover!


TCL 10,000 mAh Portable Battery Pack $19.99

This is the mack-daddy of emergency chargers. It charges my iPhone & iPad quickly and is perfect when I travel on business. No more panicked searching for an outlet in the airport. It can be used for any device that has a USB cord and I get a little over three full charges on my phone before the battery pack runs empty. My family uses it all the time and we love it! It would also fit nicely in a stocking.


Orbit Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium $399.99

Looking for a WOW item? It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in recent years. Who wouldn’t love to have their own jellyfish? This particular tank has color changing lighting for ambiance as well. There’s a more expensive package that comes with the jellyfish, but it’s probably cheaper to order your them from a local saltwater fish store. Moon Jellyfish are the variety that is recommended.


Simply Beauty 360 Degree Makeup Vanity Mirror $79.95

This is the perfect present for anyone that is obsessed with all those Pinterest or YouTube hair tutorials. I have long hair and can’t do it for crap because I can’t see what I’m doing back there! This is also a great item for any beauty or fashion blogger. I love that the extra panels fold back when not in use so it doesn’t take up too much space.




Diskin Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $99.99

I have these and use them every day because I love them so much! They look really expensive and stylish plus the sound quality is outstanding. I’ve been amazed at the new depth I’ve heard in some of my favorite songs listening with this pair. They are made to be sleek and not clunky so they fit a woman’s head & ears perfectly. Two thumbs up on battery life and simplicity of the controls. LOVE.


DV8 Zombie Bowling Ball $84.95

Know a cool bowler or one that loves everything zombie? Enough said. Perfect gift. You’re welcome.

Just be sure you order the right weight!




Tile 4pk, Generation 2 $70

We all know that person who loses everything. Get them Tile. Each Tile is a bluetooth tracking device that you can attach to almost anything: keys, luggage, pets, remotes, earbuds, etc… All you do is open an app on your phone and click the specific assigned Tile that you are looking for and the Tile emits a loud beeping. Your phone also displays the last location of the item. Of all the location finding chips or stickers I have researched, Tile seems to be the best and most reliable.


EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Medium $130.85

This is absolutely my favorite item on the list! I purchased one of these EcoSpheres like ten years ago for my guy and it was the most interesting gift ever. The sealed blown glass sphere contains marine shrimp, algae, and micro-organisms among a few branches and is completely self-sufficient. You never open it. The shrimp eat the algae and the micro-organisms break down the shrimp waste. Just a little bit of light is required for this ecosystem to thrive. There are a variety of sizes available for varying prices but go as big as you can afford, you’ll kick yourself later otherwise. Unfortunately, ours got broken after only a few months but some of the people in the comments are saying their shrimp have been alive for years!


ShowMe Virtual Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard $38.60

This one is for any gadget-loving techie! It connects via bluetooth to pretty much any device- phone, tablet, laptop, etc… and it’s small enough to be perfect for traveling, especially on business. Runs on batteries and projects onto any solid color surface.




Uncle Milton Super Moon in my Room $44.99

Super Moon in my Room is a 13″ diameter realistic looking moon that’s flat on the back so you can hang it on the wall. It syncs with the actual phases of the moon and glows accordingly. There’s even a solar eclipse setting. It runs on batteries so there are no unsightly cords and turns off automatically after 30 minutes.



Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Non-stick Travel Iron $12.78

Isn’t this little iron so cute?! Does someone in your life travel a lot? No one likes to use those skeevy hotel irons; there’s always something on the hotplate that gets on your clothes. Gross. For $13, save someone the hassle! It even steams.  It’s also perfect if you have a quilter or someone that sews on your gift list. They’ll appreciate both the precision and maneuverability.



Heated Ice Scraper & Melter, 2pk $24.99

OK, so this one is totally practical but hear me out. I lived most of my life up to a few years ago in Pennsylvania, in the Northeast. What does the Northeast have a ton of? Freakin ice and snow. Life is not fun in the winter, my friends. Nothing like running late for work at 5am trying to scrape two inches of ice off your windshield in the dark. This scraper plugs into the car with a 14ft cord so it’s heated.



Twelve South BookBook Case for MacBook $79.99


Everyone knows a die-hard Mac enthusiast that totes their MacBook Pro everywhere. This is the gift for them. This case has two hardback covers for impact protection as well as reinforced corners and a padded spine. It has a genuine distressed leather exterior and zips all the way around. This sucker is gorgeous.



Art Polish/Gel Polish/Acrylic Nail Soaker-Offers $2.79

This is perfect for any girl that loves gel polish or nail art but hates trying to get it off. Fill each pod halfway with remover and pop the finger in to form an airtight seal. Add some fun nail art accessories to go along with these pods and you have a great girly gift.




MomKnows Galaxy Clock Soothing Night Sky Star Projector $44.97

The Galaxy Clock Star Projector is such a great gift for any kid of any age. Younger kids, even toddlers, will love the star projection in three different color combinations used as a night light. Older kids will love the stars more than they will admit, but will also use the clock/alarm and speaker functions.



Ohuhu® Ocean Wave Light Projector $19.99

This is the grown-up version of the Galaxy Star Projector. It would set a beautiful ambiance for a bath or meditation. Check out the listing reviews on Amazon- the videos are gorgeous. There are several color combinations and it also has a speaker where a phone can be plugged in.




Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro $129.99

I will be honest, I’ve always wanted to watch a movie in our backyard. This little projector is so cool and would be just perfect for that. It would also be great to show a slide show at a birthday party or to project a shape or piece of artwork up on the wall to trace. The possibilities are endless.



Quirky Space Bar Desktop Organizer & USB Hub $31.78

I have this and don’t know how I ever lived without it! It’s a great, functional way to increase storage on a desk and take the frustration out of searching for a USB port.




Sharper Image Bluetooth Speaker $29.99

Doesn’t everyone need music in the shower? I can’t think of a better way to start a day. This bluetooth speaker attaches via suction cup and is totally waterproof. It charges via USB so there’s no replacing an endless stream of batteries. I like that the controls are on the front and simple to use.





Where has this gift list been all my life!! I'm always scared of giving crappy presents. Don't settle for a generic, boring gift! These are presents that people will actually love!

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If you're going to give someone a present, make sure it's something they'll actually LOVE! This gift list has been compiled over years of searching for the best holiday, Christmas, and birthday presents out there.

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