Far too many of use are overcome by life, that we go and go until we collapse. Read more on HOW to make your self care a priority to avoid that!


5 Ways To Make Self Care A Priority


Seems like this should be common sense, no? Not so much. Far too many of use are overcome by life. . . work, family, friends, obligations. . . that we go and go until we collapse. The term ‘self care’ may be overused these days as just another buzz word, but, at it’s core definition, self care means to pay attention to oneself. Many ways exist to do so, however, if self care is not a priority, it easily gets overlooked or brushed aside in our busy lives.


1. Know when to say “no”.

The first step to making self care a priority is freeing up some time.

“No.” is a complete sentence.

It requires no further clarification, explanation or apology.

When we add superfluous information to this statement, we oftentimes talk ourselves out of the “no” and into a frenzy. Try it. The next time this week you are asked to do something that you just don’t want to do or don’t have time for, say “no” and wait for the other person to speak. Don’t break the silence first.

The art of silence is an old interviewing trick that, when intentionally used, is incredibly powerful.


2. Make standing appointments.

Pick one or two things that you would enjoy doing weekly or bi-weekly and schedule it.

Put it on your calendar.

Put it on your WORK calendar if you’ve got one. Maybe not “Nails with Shelly 5p Thurs” but simply “Shelly 5p Thurs”.

Block it off as “busy” on your outlook calendar and treat it like any other meeting or appointment. How about a massage every other Friday? Meditation 7:30a daily? Thirty minute walk around the neighborhood every evening? You have to plan self care into your day!


5 Ways To Make Self Care A Priority - The Art of Better

3. Realize when you are being crazy unrealistic.

Guess what? You’re human, just like the rest of us.

Are you feeling guilty that you are reading some good fiction for 45 minutes on a Wednesday night instead of doing dishes, baking cupcakes for the bake sale, analyzing spreadsheets or [ha!] writing a blog post?

Knock it off! Guilt means feeling bad for doing something wrong. Self care is necessary for you to thrive in your life. You can’t give to others if your well is empty and self care is refilling that well.


4. State your intentions to your family.

Let your hubby/wife/partner know that you haven’t been taking care of yourself as well as you need to and how you intend to fix that. Remind them how much more pleasant you are to be around when you’re not burnt out.

Set a good example for your kid[s]. Show them how important self care is and how much more fun you are when you’re relaxed.


5. Don’t let your self care become just one more thing to do.

The second anything that you plan for your self care starts to feel like a chore, change it.

Bored at your weekly painting class? Stop going.

Just make sure you replace it with something else. . . even if that ‘something else’ is an hour to sit back and daydream on the porch or take a nap.


I’d love to know, how do you make self care a priority? Any tips?