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So you wanna buy a house. Outstanding! Congratulations! I am so happy for you. . . but are you really ready to commit to taking on a lot of extra work over the next few months? The process of buying a home is time-consuming.


My family and I started really looking to buy a home exactly two months ago and we have come out the other end exhausted. Exhausted. . . but with a house! We have definitely learned that when you are ready to buy a house, it’s basically like taking on a part-time job as well as all of your regular responsibilities and commitments.

Depending on what you do for a living and what else is going on in your life, I strongly would urge you to take a read through the 9 reasons below why buying a house is like having a part-time job, and plan accordingly.


  1. First, figuring out exactly what we were looking for took hours spent sifting through online listings, mainly on Trulia.
  2. Unless you have a personal recommendation from someone you trust, cross your fingers that the real estate agent you picked is a good one. I mean, no pressure, right? Do your homework! We did not know anyone in our desired area to give us a recommendation, so we relied heavily on online reviews & ratings. Our agent was amazing. Shout out if you need a lead on a killer agent just north of Atlanta!
  3. Touring homes that are for sale is fun, but time-consuming. Hopefully you are able to take a day or two off of work and just do nothing but see houses with your agent. Otherwise, plan for a lot of evenings and a couple of weekends driving around. I am a slight total control freak so I immediately directed our agent as to the three that were at the top of my our list from searching online. The first one is the one we purchased. Damn, I’m good!
  4. Need some money, honey? I spent an hour or two collecting all of our required documentation like pay stubs, tax returns, W2s, bank statements, etc… and then spent a solid four hours at our lender’s office filling out the mortgage application paperwork.
  5. Plan 3-4 hrs for a good thorough home inspection. This is a must. Our inspector came up with pages of things that needed to be changed or fixed, and we’re buying new construction.
  6. Are you renting now? Shopping around for home owner’s insurance takes some time. We had to get everything quoted in writing and get the proper documentation in before closing.
  7. Countless calls, emails and texts with everyone; your agent, lender, inspector, insurer, etc…
  8. The final walk-through with our agent prior to closing took a few hours. You must be meticulous, there are no other chances to get minor things touched up!
  9. Finally, closing day. Meeting and signing the final paperwork only takes about an hour, thank goodness.


Now. . . have you started to consider how much effort is required to move into your first actual house? A lot, but we’ll leave that for another day.


What were your major time suckers when you started the house hunting or buying process?

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