Thoughts On 30- The Art of Better

Thoughts On 30; What I Wish I Would Have Known In My 20s

There is something about the round number 30 that forces people into a torturous realm of introspection. Whether you are recovering from a broken heart, lamenting a lack of career progress, or any of other myriad of issues that plague us as we age, it’s easy to look back on our 20s as a period when life was much easier.

Except that’s not how we tended to treat it. In much the same way that we didn’t appreciate how easy our teen years were until we had to worry about final exams and first true loves, we didn’t appreciate how easy our 20s were until 30 came and problems like divorce and foreclosure became a part of the equation.

The most important lesson that a person should take into their 30s that would have benefited them in their 20s? The fact that your life is your own and that you can essentially do whatever you want, within reason, of course. In our 20s, we get so caught up in trying to be everything to everyone that we often forget to tend to our own needs.

It is not until we hit our 30s that we realize that these people who we have bent over backward to please, are not always in our corner in the same way. While many of us are blessed with amazing friends that would reciprocate our sacrifices, this is not a guarantee. As 30 beckons, it’s time to leave the selfish “friends” in the rear view.

Another vital lesson: it is  to say no sometimes. In our 20s, we seem to think that saying no means we will be banished to the social dungeons for all eternity. So we would try to squeeze in power naps, take long, hot showers and power chug RedBull, all so that we could keep up with people who don’t care if we are present or not.

Instead of forcing ourselves to do things that make us uncomfortable, our 30s are a period for self discovery. It’s amazing what a person can learn about themselves when they take the time to listen to the voice inside, rather than worrying incessantly about what other people think.

If there is one thing to look forward to about the big 3-0, it is just that. No more wondering how so-and-so will react to your decision or trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Your own thoughts and feelings become the guiding factor in the majority of your decision-making.

Your 30s are a period filled with self discovery. They are a time to try new things, while also staying true to yourself. Do not look at your 30th birthday as getting even older, take the time to look at it as getting even better.

What other lessons have you learned that you wish someone would have told you?

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