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Blog Quarterly Review: Stats, Earnings & What I Learned Along The Way

Happy New Year! Wow, time really does fly. I launched this blog on October 1st, 2014, exactly 90 days ago, along with all the Art of Better social media profiles. The month prior to launch was spent setting up my domain, learning WordPress and tweaking my design. The six months before that, I read everything I could find on blogging, social media and search engine optimization. I spent a ton of time reading other blogs, figuring out what worked, what didn’t and what I liked.

What I learned Along The Way

So, I want to share a few of the things that I have learned in the last three months of blogging. I would love to write a book about some of the issues and hurdles that I met, but here are the biggies for now:

  1. A blogger must know basic code. There really is no way around it. Before setting up, I hadn’t coded in about 12 years. I was good, too. All of my websites were hardcoded. Talk about being rusty. . . I had to relearn all the basics. Thankfully there are some fabulous resources out there.
  2. There is absolutely no reason to pay for stock photos 99% of the time. I don’t have my DSLR yet, so unless the light is perfect, my iPhone 6 photos just don’t cut it. No image is better than a poor-quality image, every time. A few of my favorite free photo & image sites are Free Images, Pixabay & Public Domain Images.
  3. Facebook is tough. I have really struggled to get likes on my Facebook page and still have yet to crack 100 fans as of Jan 1st. Although I have a respectable following for my blog page, views on any given post are only a small percentage of my audience. This is because of the Facebook newsfeed algorithms. Average percent of fan views on a post is in the single digits right now for me. Don’t focus your marketing on FB, unless you are willing to pay for promoting posts. If you are going to pay, ROI [return on investment] is high.
  4. Don’t stop learning. I am a huge fan of Dale Partridge and The Daily Positive. He ran an awesome webinar called BlogCamp that came at the perfect time, just before I started to build. Don’t forget to invest in yourself. It was tough to spend the money but I got so much out of it. Go follow him on all of his social channels.
  5. Finding some blogger friends is SO IMPORTANT. Blogging can be lonely. I have found some awesome blogging friends through BlogCamp, Pinterest, tsū and Twitter. Give with an open heart and like minds will find you. Comment and interact with other bloggers you admire. Build relationships.

Stats & Earnings In My First Three Months

Social media:

[ranked in order of referrals]

  • Pinterest: 440 followers
  • tsū: 364 friends, 455 followers
  • Twitter: 459 followers
  • Facebook: 92 fans
  • Instagram: 53 followers
  • I ran successful paid campaigns on both Pinterest and Facebook that didn’t cost much but drove healthy traffic.

Other Stats:

  • Total unique visitors: 691
  • Page views: 1457
  • Bloglovin: 13 followers
  • Email Subscribers:14

Blogger Earnings:

I haven’t put practically any effort into monetization at this point so that I can focus on great content.

  • AdSense: $1.66
  • 1 sponsored post via Influenster [Let me know if you are looking for an invite, I have two left!]

Goals for the next 90 days:

  1. I want to focus on growing my email list. I am having trouble with this one. Please don’t hesitate to join my email list on the sidebar on the right!
  2. Run my first contest
  3. Publish two posts per week average


 Let’s do this! How about you? What goals do you have for the next quarter? In your personal life, blogging life or professionally?