My Favorite New Easy, Tasty & Healthy Snack

My Favorite New Easy, Tasty & Healthy Snack

Seems like I’m always in a rush these days! My day job is district manager for a specialty retailer so I spend a lot of time in the car driving between locations. I eat lunch in the car most days unless I need to pull the ol’ laptop out and get some work done on some establishment’s free WIFI. Anyway, I have a cute little lunch box and lunch typically consists of an apple [Honeycrisp please!], a yoghurt, humus with pita crisps and there’s always an energy bar or granola bar rolling around in there for emergencies.

I have a favorite new addition that everyone needs to try. It’s called Fruit Break, made by Buddy Fruits, and it’s awesome. Who here has ever stolen their “kid’s” applesauce packet in a whirlwind of “I need to get out the door and didn’t eat!” panic? Yup. I have.

Fruit Break is similar. They come in those indestructible BPA-free pouches, which is important when I toss one in the console of the car or in my purse and forget about it. They are larger than the kiddie variety with more grown-up flavors. The consistency is very much like a finely puréed applesauce and there are no thickeners used, which means no lumps.

I’m dying to try the Blueberry & Black Currant kind but my favorite one so far is the Coconut Milk & Raspberry variety. The flavor is delish and tastes very clear, if that makes sense, since there are no fillers and the ingredients are simple: Raspberries, apples, bananas & coconut milk. I like simple. Simple treats made of real food are my favorite kind of healthy snack.

Other reasons I’m thrilled:

  1. No preservatives
  2. no colorings
  3. non GMO
  4. nothing artificial
  5. no added sugar
  6. 3g of fiber
  7. each pouch counts for a full serving of fruit
  8. shelf stable, good for like a year
  9. only 100 calories

Side note here… I really am a little partial to the Buddy Fruits brand. They make the most amazing, out of this world fruit snacks called Fruit Bites. They are made out of fruit & fruit juice only and have a strong, complex flavor. When I am able to find them I always buy at least a dozen pouches. If you happen upon em, grab some and send them my way! Banana, please!

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are mine, as always. I’m a terrible liar anyway!

Have you tried these yet? If not, what’s your go-to quick healthy snack?