7 Reasons You MUST Be On Tsu

Social media doesn’t really get me excited. I use it, sometimes enjoy it but most of the time I could take it or leave it. Let me tell you something crazy… I am LOVING tsū!! It’s pronounced “sue”, fyi. I have been on multiple times everyday since joining. I am talking it up to everyone I know and figured I should clue in my faithful readers as well!

Here is why you MUST be on tsu:

  1. tsu is free and easy to navigate. It has a similar layout to Facebook but is much less cluttered.
  2. I have found much more genuine, positive interaction on tsū than on any other social media platform. Sure, there are your typical run of the mill spammers but it seems that tsū takes a pretty proactive approach to banning those who misuse the network.
  3. Since I have had an account there, I haven’t seen any evidence of feed tampering, unlike Facebook. Posts show up in chronological order by last interaction.
  4. This site is seriously blowing up! tsū hit a million users in its first month which outpaces all of the other social networks out there.
  5. tsu is pretty much invitation only which leads to higher quality users, generally speaking of course.
  6. tsu shares up to 90% of their revenue with its members/content creators/engaged users. The more quality engagement and content you offer, the more money ends up in your tsū bank!
  7. Your earnings may be pocketed or donated to charities directly on tsu. What better way is there to share socially, than by making a positive impact in the world!?

Are you ready to jump in? Click here to gain entrance via my invite link. I am @theartofbetter so be sure to pop over and say hi! Once you are signed up, be sure to check out the FAQ page for a ton of simple answers to the basic new member questions.


So, what do you think? If you are on tsū already, what’s your favorite thing about it? If you’re not on yet, what’s the hold up? :)