Why Everyone Needs A Financial Planner Part 1, Five common misconceptions that are keeping you from getting your life in order.  The Art of Better

Why Everyone Needs A Financial Planner

Whether you have no money, tons of money, no debt or are drowning in student loans, a CFP will benefit you. I sincerely wish I had bitten the bullet earlier in life, like when I was eighteen, and hired a certified financial planner. It would have saved me so many mistakes and so much cash. I always thought CFPs were for only for the wealthy. Why would I need a financial planner when I didn’t really have any money? That was such backward thinking. I am kicking myself now.

So, what are some other misconceptions floating around out there?

  1. I don’t need one since I don’t have any money. WRONG. A CFP does many more things than just manage wealth. Mine has really helped put together a plan to pay off debt, build retirement, build wealth, ensure my estate planning is properly in place and more.
  2. This is going to be so embarrassing. Save it. Financial Planners have heard it all; every situation, every mis-step, every error, every screw up.
  3. I can’t afford it. Not true. You can’t afford not to. I wish I would have known that I could find a well qualified, certified financial planner for less than $30 per month. I actually took the plunge and joined a more thorough, in-depth plan for about $70/month on LearnVest since we have some complicated things going on. Think about it though, if your finances are fairly typical, $30 a month is one less meal out at a restaurant each month.
  4. I don’t have time! Find it. . . really. Depending on your CFP, it typically takes an hour or less every few weeks.
  5. I just can’t handle it and I don’t want to know! You can dooooo it! Ya, it might be scary. . . and if you are like me, your first session will be terrifying, but it gets easier. After a few chats and some back-end work on my end, I feel 100% better. I feel more in control and not afraid of my financial future. This is coming from someone who knew all the theory already. I had read and watched a ton of personal finance programs but just couldn’t seem to put the big picture into play.

Next, check out Why Everyone Needs A Financial Planner Part 2 where I dish on my first, anxiety-inducing conversation with my certified financial planner.


What did I miss? What keeps you from getting a financial planner? If you have one already, what propelled you to find him/her? Do you need a push?